Presscut’s translation team started off in the early days as support to clients’ communication teams in an international environment, but today it grew to be much more. A dozen translators are always on standby, waiting for any request you might have.

Corporate reports, internal bulletins, media releases, corporate websites, all of this is a part of a Presscut translator’s everyday job.


• Nevertheless, a fast and quality delivery of media contents in foreign language remains a priority, so a whole range of services that help public relations professionals in their everyday work has been developed – from daily media reports delivered to client’s e-mail address or user account, to early-morning brief text message reports with the topics of the day, and full translations of articles in the shortest time possible.


• Presscut is also a content provider for portal, delivering news from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia in Croatian and English on daily basis.


• It goes without mentioning that we are also preparing applications for your smart phones, in order to make our quality and speed even more accessible.


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