Try looking at life as a sea. Imagine you or your company as a marlin. How salinity affects marlin movement? What are other marlins up to in the meantime? Where and when do you and other marlins swim, and where are giltheads, sardines and sea basses heading? Imagine every possible question about survival of marlins in calm sea and during storm. Can you answer all of them? We can.


This primary medium and an everlasting source of verified information was the reason for creating Presscut. An increasing volume of information and publishing methods make our job more difficult, but, as always, we are happy to meet your growing demands.

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The growing importance of television as an exclusive medium can not be ignored by our clients or by us. In order to fulfill our vision and provide complete information coverage for our existing and potential clients, we in Presscut regularly update and expand our TV program monitoring list.

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Keeping up with the latest technologies, we in Presscut are capable of processing audio clips from some 60 radio stations. With that in mind, we are certain you are not always aware that an important or interesting topic may have sprung up in the media. We are. Every day, every hour, every second.

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Keeping up with new technologies, we in Presscut have started monitoring and processing articles posted at web portals. The same as with all our other services, in which we strive to meet your demands, the list of monitored web portals has been growing on daily basis.

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If the first thing you do when you come to work – even before checking your inbox – is scanning through daily news and collecting the relevant information to prepare for an effective day in the office, Presscut has designed exactly what you need under the name...

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Presscut’s translation team started off in the early days as support to clients’ communication teams in an international environment, but today it grew to be much more. A dozen translators are always on standby, waiting for any request you might have.

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One of our new services is search of old records. On several occasions, Presscut was the only choice for various clients as the source of lost and/or forgotten media clips, for personal needs, legal protection, or simply for reviving dear memories.

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Foreign clipping

The market presence of many of our clients and their information needs go beyond the borders of Croatia. Following the flow of information and anticipating our clients’ needs, we have designed a feature for monitoring relevant topics and media abroad.

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