Mobile Presscut

Media in the palm of your hand

By collecting feedback from our clients and users of Mobile Presscut, we would like to share updates of 2nd version of application.


Updates on which we've decided you will be able to try out through sharing of articles via e-mail, through the function of 'translation on demand' which will enable direct communication with our translators. Client will, depending on demand, be able to receive wanted news much faster on language by choice.


What we've made possible on our web, and was shown necessary, was grouping articles by topics, is also part of Mobile Presscut.


And as icing on the cake, we definetly highlight our pioneer application in a world of clipping in form of push notification alerts, for all those that await with impatience and must respond immediately. In case you've downloaded our application on your smartphone, alert about a new article arrives in the same second when our production processes the article.


Greater fluidity in the work and adequate technical support are additional elements that will ensure your greater satisfaction in using the Mobile Presscut.


The Mobile Presscut application gives you advanced opportunities of accessing your selected media coverage, both on your tablet and smartphone devices.


Complete information for your informed decision

Total production of media content selected according to your own criteria has been condensed into media reports and it is available in almost real time.


Fast and always available information

The application has been developed to serve the needs of our demanding users for whom it is of crucial importance to access their online, print and broadcast media clips in a timely fashion in order to be ready to respond to media coverage quickly or use the information in their everyday work.


Simplicity in everyday use

The application has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, while the content is organized according to types of media monitored.


High quality clips

The OS platform of your device and the speed of the internet connection are detected automatically, so that the settings for the delivery of the content can be adjusted to provide optimum quality according to the capacities of the device.


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