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Who are the people who literally day and night monitor the media for you and do not give up until they find every last mention of your topics in the media? What are the deadlines for making daily media reports and how quickly we can translate media publications? Find out in what values do employees in the department of customer support believe, and based on them do a good job, or get to know the charming sales force to whom you simply will not be able to refuse an invitation to a meeting.

Customer support

What is important? To do the job the best you can. Only then you know you did a good job. Halfway solutions and unpredicted circumstances you might have avoided, but did not think of them, as well as the things you have not checked and you could have, come back to you like a boomerang. That is why there is no other solution but to roll up your sleeves and work hard and with dedication. That is the only way to avoid juggling with boomerangs, and if some come your way, you readily receive them because you are not a machine, but only human.

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Translation services

Short report to clients about the most important news of the day in a text message before 8 a.m. After that, the first reports and bulletins with summaries of relevant media publications in English language. This is how the working morning in the translation department begins. The rest of the day continues at the same pace – reports in various languages from Croatian and regional media alternate with the delivery of news from the region to the web portal and translations. Urgent, of course.

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Audio Video clipping

A job at which you listen to the radio and watch TV all day! Sounds perfect, but this is not an ad for vacancy, but a description of a job in the department for following radio and television programmes. This is an engine, in which 8 analysts and 5 outside associates work in three shifts, under the watchful eye of manager Ivana Kokotovic. Despite the shifts, this is still a dream job for our “electronic media guys”!

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Sales and promotion

We could say that this is the “youngest” department of Presscut and a younger brother to the Customer Relations Department. For all those who are just getting to know the service of Presscut or have a dilemma on why and how to cooperate with us, the charming duo from the Sales and promotion is the right address! And that is not all; even though you might think that you know everything we do, they will convince you that there are many other things you might not have thought of, and we can do them for you.

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Web clipping

It is six in the morning! It might be time for coffee for you, but for us there are folders full of articles that need to be processed and we have to warm up for the prime-time news. You do not have to worry, continue with your morning pleasures because your news are already on their way from our web employees….

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Press clipping

Preparation of printing, scanning, zoning, furnishing articles, sending reports, new orders reading, commenting latest information, all with the first sunrise and the smell of coffee. Presscuts oldest and most numerous department, press clipping, swarming with work already at five in the morning and the pace does not decrease until the end of working day. Fourteen workers deployed in two shifts and four regional associates see to it that you get every information you want. Your prompt informing is our mission.

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