Found at last!

ZAGREB – In Domagojeva Street, behind the green door, and ahead of its time since 1989, a way was found to be always where the action is, without moving an inch.


About forty special agents are constantly monitoring the media and carefully studying even the tiniest details so nothing is missed.


In their work they use all available means of advanced communication and technology, and share their catch with those who want to stay informed about the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when” and “how”, so they can get to the “why”. Take a walk through the glades in the middle of the media jungle, cleared out for you by the Presscut team!


AUTHOR:  Presscut


For all the questions, orders, compliments, criticism, proposals, ideas, wishes, or anything else you come to think of, you can always rely on the super capable and cheerful team from Domagojeva Street!


Presscut is waiting for you, confident it can help you with many things that are troubling you.


Feel free to contact us.

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