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ZAGREB – In Domagojeva Street, behind the green door, and ahead of its time since 1989, a way was found to be always where the action is, without moving an inch.

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Our service

A load of useful information passes by, without you even noticing them. With so many news around, one can't keep track of all of them, right? That's where Presscut steps in.

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While newspaper articles were once processed using a copy machine and scissors and then a courier was sent running to the client carrying an envelope, today this process is semi-automatic, with expert monitoring, selection and analyzing of information available in Croatia’s media space.

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Presscut’s translation team started off in the early days as support to clients’ communication teams in an international environment, but today it grew to be much more. A dozen translators are always on standby, waiting for any request you might have.

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Mobile Presscut

We are connecting clipping service to society of "must have" applications on smartphones, through push notification alerts. We have completed the development of a new version that will actually bring clipping service and delivery of media reports close to real time, and allow users to create a simple, quick handling of daily supplied materials.

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Get to know us

Who are the people who literally day and night monitor the media for you and do not give up until they find every last mention of your topics in the media? What are the deadlines for making daily media reports and how quickly we can translate media publications?

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In order to get an idea of how easy it is to use web clipping, enter ‘test’ as username and ‘presscut’ as password in the 'Login' section of the homepage to access a demo page where you will be free to try out different possibilities we have to offer.

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Keep track on all information on our official Facebook webpage!

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