Translation services

Short report to clients about the most important news of the day in a text message before 8 a.m. After that, the first reports and bulletins with summaries of relevant media publications in English language. This is how the working morning in the translation department begins. The rest of the day continues at the same pace – reports in various languages from Croatian and regional media alternate with the delivery of news from the region to the web portal and translations. Urgent, of course.

• Corporate reports, internal bulletins, media releases, corporate websites, all of this is a part of a Presscut translator’s everyday job.


• Nevertheless, a fast and quality delivery of media contents in foreign language remains a priority, so a whole range of services that help public relations professionals in their everyday work has been developed – from daily media reports delivered to client’s e-mail address or user account, to early-morning brief text message reports with the topics of the day, and full translations of articles in the shortest time possible.


• Presscut is also a content provider for portal, delivering news from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia in Croatian and English on daily basis.


• It goes without mentioning that we are also preparing applications for your smart phones, in order to make our quality and speed even more accessible.





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