Keeping up with the latest technologies, we in Presscut are capable of processing audio clips from some 60 radio stations. With that in mind, we are certain you are not always aware that an important or interesting topic may have sprung up in the media. We are. Every day, every hour, every second.

AUDIO Clipping

• we continuously monitor national, regional and local radio stations and deliver the selected clips

• we record programs of national radio stations (HR1, HR2, Radio Sljeme, Radio 101, Narodni radio, Radio Antena Zagreb, Soundset plavi, Hrvatski katolički radio, HIT FM, Otvoreni radio) 24/7 and monitor radio program on regional and local stations in 20 counties 


• thanks to our wide network of associates, we are able to organize monitoring of any radio station in Croatia, depending on a client’s special request

• we have an audio archive of national radio stations since 2006 and we can search all programs from this period



Depending on your needs, we can deliver the clips via:

• e-mail or web site – summaries and transcripts in text format;

• web site or on DVD/CD – clips in digital format (MP3/WMV)

• via Mobile Presscut



• 6-12 hours upon broadcasting


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