Presscut's new product: Tell your smartphone to send a message! Our IT specialists have designed a program that allows you to run the application by voice command and dictation to send text messages, perform calls, set alarm clock, read weather forecasts and compute by voice too

On October 13, Presscut’s IT team launched a new product, the innovative application Krospik intended for Android smartphone and tablet devices. The programme enables motioning of the applications for sending and dictation of text messages, making calls, setting alarms, reading the weather forecast and voice calculating with a voice order. When you ask your smartphone “What time is it?”, your device will show you the exact time and say it out loud at the same time. All options of the application can be carried out completely hands-free (without touching the screen of the device). The application is unique and completely new in Croatia. The trial version uses the base of all words that have been used in newspapers and electronic media in the past seven years. Thus, messages can be sent only in standard Croatian language for now. We expect to start completing the vocabulary with the base from the slang dictionary and words from dialects of Croatian regions soon.



The application is already available on Google Play online shop, where it can be downloaded and installed completely free during this trial period of the Beta version of the application. We invite you to become a part of the project of perfecting this Croatian product and to help us improve the quality with your comments. We will gladly read all the suggestions and comments, which you can send to our official e-mail; or to our facebook page at



IT expert Drazen Slabinac from Presscut d.o.o. agency developed an application for conversion of speech into text back in 2005, and Krospik won the 3rd award – Broncano Teslino jaje in 2007. Presscut d.o.o. has had the same service for conversion of speech into text for seven years and is using it for digitalisation of audio and video recordings.


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