If the first thing you do when you come to work – even before checking your inbox – is scanning through daily news and collecting the relevant information to prepare for an effective day in the office, Presscut has designed exactly what you need under the name...

Daily Media Report


• For clients who are interested in a big picture – in their respective industry, economy and politics – in Croatia and countries of the region, Presscut has developed a series of products in Croatian and English.



• Standard newsletters cover daily news from client-specific industries (pharmaceuticals, banking, tobacco industry), economy and politics in a given country, while regional reports provide an overview of relevant region-wide events in a specific industry and business environment.


• Newsletters are created in line with client’s specific needs and are often integrated in respective media reports to form a single unit.


• Morning briefs with relevant articles that are sent via text messages in Croatian or English form a special type of a report.


• DMR applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and other smart phones are also coming up and you can check several examples below.

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