The year of costlier utilities

Oil prices growing for the past four weeks

No doubt, 2019 will be a year of higher household expenditures on utilities and other costs, which means that the benefits of VAT rate reduction on some items will disappear, Novi list writes. The price of gas went up for around 600,000 households on 1 April, and it is difficult to foresee what would happen once the gas market is fully liberalized in Croatia in April 2021. Some of the companies had their electricity price raised on 1 April by around 20% and with the current trend in the energy market it is possible that households would need to pay more for electricity from 1 July as well. The price of oil has been growing for the past four weeks. Considering Croatia's obligation to separate at least half of the reusable waste by 2020, towns and cities are preparing fast to reorganize their waste management and that is bound to have impact on household budgets.

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