PR effect analysis for the first five months of 2012

Who won the most space in the media, and who had the most positive coverage?
The results of our analysis show that in the relevant period, Zagrebacka banka had the highest amount of media coverage, Erste & Steiermärkische bank posted the highest value of free promotion, while articles on Atlantic Grupa were best positioned.

All professionals who care about the corporate image of their company in the media will agree that share values on stock markets are directly related to the appearance of companies, their leadership and brands in the media. We were interested in finding out who got the most media coverage in the first half of this year, and who had the most positive sentiment in the media. Using our 3K methodology, we have prepared a positioning analysis, as well as positive and negative effects of media presence of leading Croatian companies.

The analysis was conducted on a sample of 572 articles from the Croatian press, encompassing the period between January 1 and May 12, 2012. For monitoring and analysis, we have selected 39 subjects from the fields of telecommunications, finance and banking, construction, food, transportation, pharmaceutical, retail and hotel industry, which have been continuously appearing in the media for a number of years.

The results of this analysis show that in the relevant period, Zagrebacka banka had the highest number of articles, Erste and Steiermärkische Bank won the highest value of free promotion, and the best-positioned articles were about Atlantic Grupa, which also received the highest potential effect. In the relevant period, Atlantic Grupa was mostly mentioned in relation to the alleged call from the Tax Administration to the CEO of Atlantic Grupa Emil Tedeschi, but also in articles about the group’s profits, rewards for the staff and the management. The positioning of these articles in print media shows that these topics caught the attention of the editors.

The number of articles and the value of free promotion (articles with positive and neutral sentiment, calculated according to the price of advertising space) indicate effects which result from activities of some of the subjects’ PR departments. The positioning of articles in the media shows the importance the media give to a certain topic or subject, and the number of consumers of a certain medium generally shows the possible effect the articles on this topic or subject might have on the audience.

Of course, actual influence and effectiveness of media communication can be verified in a field research, while final results of a well-implemented communications campaign are evident in the company’s financial and business results.

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