One in three have frozen accounts again

Adding to the total cost of seizures

Every third citizen of Croatia with excessive debt, whose account had been unfrozen by the Financial Agency (Fina), had their account blocked again in a few months. From 5 August 2018, when the implementation of the law regulating the seizure of personal accounts began and when seizures lasting more than three years were suspended in cases when nothing could be collected for six previous months, up until 31 July 2019, Fina unblocked 20,987 personal accounts of citizens with total debt of HRK 900m. However, during this same period Fina blocked 32% of the same personal accounts again, over a debt little higher than HRK 374m (HRK 130m of which is interest). These data prove that the law in question has not been solving the problem of insolvent citizens. Rather than freeing them of the cost of seizure, it is only producing a statistical effect and actually adding to the total cost of seizures, Jutarnji list reports.

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