Gordana Deranja remains at the helm of HUP

Jako Andabak a new member of the Executive Board

The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) announced yesterday that Gordana Deranja has been re-elected as president of the Association for another term of two years. Ivan Pavlovic (Port of Ploce), Branko Zec (Adris), and Petar Lovric (Kadus) have also been re-elected to the Executive Board, while the new members of this Board include Jako Andabak (Blue Sun Hoteli), Damir Zoric (Euroherc), and Zdravko Jelcic (Spin Valis). Branko Roglic of Orbico grupa, Tomislav Thus of Ina, and Ivan Bracic of Pip are on the Supervisory Board.

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