One of our new services is search of old records. On several occasions, Presscut was the only choice for various clients as the source of lost and/or forgotten media clips, for personal needs, legal protection, or simply for reviving dear memories.

• Some of the Croatian newspapers have more than 100 years of tradition. It contains a rich history of events in this area, tradition and culture that can be seen as a comprehensive picture of the way of life and values. Tradition is today a synonym for quality, and companies often reach for it as a necessary tool in market positioning.



• When researching companies or individuals from available archives – our own and third-party – we encounter a series of interesting events that can surprise even our customers. Given a large number of archives in Croatia, with different accessibility levels and different concepts, attempts at integrating them and providing a universal access are still largely unsuccessful. On the other hand, many companies, individuals and institutions often have a need to present their entire media presence since the beginning of their operation. 


• One of our services is a search of the audio and video archives. Radio clips are available for the previous three months, while TV clips are kept for six months. Clips can be delivered on daily or weekly basis, depending on the order.


• The database with archived and digitized media articles contains the Croatian press since 2003, which includes more than 240 newspaper editions.


• We search the press based on the defined key terms and time periods, with a possibility of selecting different parameters, such as search by author or newspaper section.


• We deliver the found archived articles in PDF format via e-mail, website, on a CD or printed.


• Given the technical equipment and constant upgrades in the application system, we can respond to any requests promptly and provide the highest possible quality.


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